About Cherry Anderson

Hello, my name is Cherry Anderson, and I've been on my journey as a freelance graphic designer since 2006. And how the world has changed since then!

Design with purpose

My heart has always been in 'design for good' - I started out as a junior designer at the Woodland Trust - here I learned my core skills, whilst helping to protect ancient woods and plant new ones. Such an inspiring place to work!

Beauty and nature

As a career move I side-stepped into the world of retail for several years to gain experience and broaden my perspective, creating designs for high street brands such as Sainsbury's, M&S and Boots. This was a fantastic time creatively, the M&S work I particularly loved - spending days creating mood-boards to explore the themes in depth before producing beautifully embellished designs, often inspired by nature or pattern, two of my loves since childhood.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Having taken the leap to freelance after a round-the-world trip in 2006, my entrepreneurial spirit needed a fresh challenge - in 2011, teamed with a business partner, we launched a home decor brand featuring original surface patterns inspired by fine art. My love of pattern goes back to a very young age, analysing and appreciating the intricate designs on my duvet cover at 4 years old! Fenton products were sold across the UK at design fairs and interiors shops.

Giving back to my planet and community

In my 40s, moved by the declining state of the planet and the way communities seemed disconnected from each other, I began volunteering with local eco group, Transition Belper. Initially I set up a small women's wellbeing circle, but in time became increasingly involved in a wide range of activities. I used my design and comm's skills to rebrand the organisation and revamp the website, and did the same for our annual eco festival, Belper Goes Green. This voluntary role not only enabled me to create designs with a purpose close to my heart, but also to learn new skills around facilitation, working in groups, community organisation, leadership, and many more, until eventually I gained the confidence to become co-chair for a year. During this time I organised a Community Conversation attended by 50 people from across the region creating a 10 year vision for Belper, from which emerged several spin-off groups which are still active today, creating tangible impact in our community.

Design with impact

Now I was living my life with more purpose, it felt right to pivot my work in the same direction - I became a design associate of the University of Nottingham in 2016 and have since supported many departments across the university. Most significantly, since 2016 I have been brand lead for the inspirational Ingenuity Programme, which offers industry mentoring and support to start up businesses which bring about social or environmental impact.

Design for change

This blueprint extends to my work outside the university, where I love to work with ethical, sustainable businesses and organisations, educational establishments and charities and simply put: businesses which create change, with progressive attitudes towards society and the planet. The world of 2023 is very different to that of 2006 and we need to think in new ways. I'm always looking forwards in my work, finding ways to grow and learn, and feel it is my purpose to connect with others doing the same. The systems we have are broken. Let's work together to create new ones.


A sustainable attitude - 'business as usual' is no longer viable

At this crucial time in our planet's history, we cannot afford to continue to produce print in the way that we used to - sustainability must be embedded in all that we do. To this end I have worked hard to forge new connections and learn about sustainable printing practices and alternatives, so that I can inform you, my clients, of the best ways to meet your green goals.

The print industry is very flawed, unfortunately a product of the failing systems we live in, but by making informed choices and also by highlighting these to your customers, we can raise awareness together, shape demand, and therefore push the market in a new direction: one that does not deplete our already strained natural resources, but supports them instead.

When it comes to choosing how to produce your marketing materials, I will always help you to consider all of the options, from digital solutions as an alternative to print, to the most sustainable print options available, or simply inspire you to reuse your print materials instead of throwing them away. In most areas of print there are now sustainable options - recycled and certified sustainable papers, bamboo trophies instead of acrylic, cotton banners instead of PVC, QR codes linking to web pages instead of pages of print. The solutions are emerging and I can support you in these decisions. I look forward to supporting you on your journey to make a difference!

What Clients Say

"It has been such a joy to work with Cherry. She manages to bring creativity, commercial knowledge, design flair and originality and distill it all into really usable, user friendly design. We've worked with Cherry on several different projects, including a brand refresh and menu design and we were blown away with the designs that came back to us. Throughout the project, Cherry was communicative and thorough, and as a small business she was also extremely reasonable. She was very thorough, kept within timescales and was generally brilliant. Cherry is now our designer of choice and she should be yours too - exceptional!"

Jo Black, Founder and Director, Reunion Coworking and Deli

"Cherry was incredible and a delight to work with. She worked with us to develop our webpage and identity and really pushed us to think about the details of our vision and then she brought it to life in an amazing way. Very professional, talented and passionate."

Anne Taboulic, Founder, Circular Agriculture Hub (and Associate Professor and Researcher at the University of Nottingham)

"Cherry has worked with us for many years and has become an invaluable part of the creative team. She has supported the design and branding for our Ingenuity competitions for student entrepreneurs and YES competitions for early career researchers. We love working with Cherry as her creativity, professional approach and sensitivity to organisational brand guidelines combine to provide add lasting value to our projects."

Professor Simon Mosey, Director, Haydn Green Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Nottingham University Business School

"Working with Cherry is so easy! She gets the brief immediately and works strategically, intelligently and quickly. Always with an abundance of creative and on-brief ideas, Cherry is receptive to feedback and questioning when needed. Aside from being fun to work with, Cherry is dedicated, consciousness and committed to doing the best job possible."

Adrian Briggs and Jenny Hillier, Directors, Briggs Hillier

"I have worked with Cherry on design projects for many blue chip companies over the years and she is truly an exceptional talent. Her ability to interpret a brief, understand the brand and the product is outstanding and her work can be seen in many leading high street retailers. She delivers within the set budget and timeframe and in my experience can adapt her style to suit any client and project.

Cherry has a great energy and passion for her art and on a personal level is an absolute delight to work with and an asset to any team."

Jennifer Chambers, Former Design Director, CPI Card Group

"Working with Cherry was absolutely amazing! Cherry designed a beautiful visual identity package as part of my re-brand – in a truly extraordinary manner she took the time to delve deep into understanding my offering, resulting in a truly reflective and holistic graphic portrayal which was tear-jerkingly perfect. I highly recommend embarking on a design process with Cherry which feels like being guided on a beautiful journey of creative expression."

Sami Lawson, Founder of SamiLoula